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Documents prove that European Commission is pushing ‘internet companies’ to censorship

'Internet companies now remove 70% illegal ('xenophobic') hate speech notified to them within 24 hours'

Door: Bert Brussen, 11:56, 08 augustus 2018

In the light of the recent Alex Jones-purge, this part is very interesting, and disturbing (pdf):


“Since May 2016 the Since May 2016, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft (Google+ and Instagram since 2018) have committed to combatting the spread of illegal online hate speech in Europe through a Code of Conduct…Combating ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia’.”


How does one define ‘xenophobia’ and ‘racism’ exactly? Where does ‘free speech’ end to begin ‘hate speech’? In the courthouse by an independent judge or in the constitution?

Oh wait! Just leave this fundamental decision in the hands of ‘internet companies’. Trustworthy, objective and transparent companies with only one goal: profit. What can possibly go wrong?


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